Individual counselling


Fiona offers individual counselling sessions for people aged 18 years and over. You may:


  • Have a specific issue or life circumstance you are dealing with right now such as an illness, relationship problem, breakup, family crisis, depression, anxiety, inner turmoil, loss of some kind (e.g. job, house, physical ability), death of somebody close to you, or

  • A general need to bring more clarity, contentment and joy into your  life.


Fiona draws on a number of different models of insight and change using primarily narrative and expressive modalities. These include talking, reflecting, mindfulness exercises, guided visualisations, drawing, writing and utilising on visual tools such as photographic cards.


She recognises that everybody is unique and so uses appropriate techniques to suit your particular needs and preferences. And always in consultation with you.


Fiona specialises in


  • Bereavement counselling

  • Grief and loss particularly around the loss of physical abilities, aging and for people who care for a family member who is unwell or dying.

  • Couples counselling

  • Anxiety and stress management.


For more general guidance, she also offers a reflective space program for individuals and groups, and runs weekly meditation classes on a Saturday.


Couples counselling


Couples counselling provides a safe and caring place for you to both:


  • express your concerns

  • better understand the dynamics at play

  • improve communication and understanding

  • explore your values and change behaviours based on these values

  • nurture the closeness and connection that comes from your relationship while allowing for individual expressions and needs to be met.

Fiona uses a very hands on approach asking that both partners be actively involved in the therapy, and committed to the process. The main focus is on learning new ways to communicate, leading to a deeper understanding of each other and your relationship.

The first four sessions are structured as follows:

Initial couple session
60 minutes
Fiona begins with seeing you both together in order to get a sense of what is currently happening in your relationship as well an understanding of your history together. You will both then be sent an online questionnaire to complete prior to your individual sessions

An Individual session with each partner

50 minutes
These allow Fiona to touch base with each of you about your particular concerns and needs.
Prior to these sessions, you will each be asked to complete a range of questionnaires that provides Fiona with a wealth of information to enable her to fast-track your therapy. 

Couple feedback session
When you return together for your feedback session, Fiona will take you through the model of therapy she works with noting your particular strengths and areas to work on, together forming the therapy goals.

This is followed by a number of one hour therapy sessions where Fiona works with you to achieve your relationship goals. In these sessions you will learn ways of communicating that support you both in understanding each other, and the relationship dynamic, enabling you to reconnect to each other. It is recommended to have between six and 12 therapy sessions.